Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hello, Good Evening And Welcome

Well I've finally decided to do a blog, as if all the social networking I do on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter isn't enough... I have a Bebo account as well, but a really feel out of my depth in Beboland, and far too old for it, especially since half my 11 year old daughter's friends seem to have linked up with me there. As you can understand, that makes me slightly uneasy.

Not quite sure how I'm going use this. No doubt it'll bcome another excuse for me to plug my radio shows, podcasts and gigs... but I do that elsewhere anyway. Twitter's become my favourite place for blatent self-promotion of late, and I like the idea of having to say something in just 140 characters. Facebook meanwhile's become a bit clogged up with all the apps. I mean, Mafia Wars? What's that all about?

I suppose I might use this blog to rave about the latest sounds that are exciting me, or the trials and tribulations of supporting Dundee FC.

In terms of tunes I'm getting excited about right now, I'd say Grum's 'Heartbeats'. He's Scottish, but based in Leeds, and I first heard him on Huw Stephens' show on Radio One. Grum's going to be hailed as the next Calvin Harris once the mainstream press get hold of him, until the "next Grum" comes along, in much the same way as Calvin Harris was once the "next Mylo". Shouldn't Mylo be releasing something new by now by the way?

I've been loving Edinburgh hip hop act Young Fathers for some time now, so delighted that they've been given a leg up by Simian Mobile Disco. Young Fathers fature on 'Turn Up The Dial', one of the stand-out tracks on SMD's new album 'Temporary Pleasure'.

In terms of guitly pleasures, Mini Viva's 'Left My Heart In Tokyo' is a bit of a pop gem. I'd rather like Grum to get on board that one with a nice dirty remix.

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