Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Godfathers of New Music in Scotland - celebrating 50 podcasts

The plan for the 50th episode of my podcast was to do something different, as well as passing on some vital information to struggling bands. The problem with getting 2 people that talk/write about music for a living is that they can be difficult to shut up.

I'm not complaining, because I think Episode 50 is a cracking listen, but the proposed format went out the window pretty much as soon as Billy Sloan started talking!

I was sat there with my list of possible questions, but to be honest, apart from the start and finish… it was pretty much a case of letting Billy and Vic Galloway get on with it.

It's certainly made me think that perhaps I need to rethink the whole outlook of Jim Gellatly's New Music. There was so much more that I wanted to cover with these guys, that I'm seriously considering giving the podcast a bit more of an "industry" slant… talking about "how to get the most out of the music industry" rather than just playing my favourite new tracks in any given week. I like the idea of getting guests in on a more regular basis, and there's certainly unfinished business with Billy & Vic.

Mind you, the chance to play the new music in the podcast is probably too precious for me to sacrifice while I'm doing a more mainstream show on the radio…

I suppose the answer is to find myself a radio show somewhere where I can play a lot of the stuff that I play on the podcast… can't see that happening in the current climate of radio networking and cutbacks unfortunately.

Meanwhile, enjoy episode 50!

Jim Gellatly's New Music available at iTunes & Radio Magnetic.

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